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F chat desktop client

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F chat desktop client

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If you need help compiling the client for your OS, please see the 'Compile it Yourself' section further down the .

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Help This menu is the second at the top left of the window.

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All private rooms begin closed, and will not show up in the rooms list until they are opened. Status: Lets you select a status option and set a message to go with it.

If you need help compiling the client for your OS, please see the 'Compile it Yourself' section further down the. Channels: The cluent tab in this box lists the official channels, and the second tab lists the open private channels.

Workplace Chat

User context menu This menu pops up when you right-click a username. About: Displays a box with copyright and coder information. If set to 'true', it makes sound.

Three files control the colours used in the application: default. F-List Profile: Opens a tab in your browser displaying this character's profile.

It simply collapses it into the systray. For an example, see the [Helpdesk] section in the default file.

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Alert Staff: Brings up a box in desktop you can report a channel or user for breaking the rules. At the top are two menus, and below them, several feature buttons. QListWidget userlist::item: This colour is the background for the block surrounding each individual name, in the userlist. QPlainTextEdit chatinput: These are the background and text colour for the box you type in.

Turn off the chat in Dark Mode Give your eyes some rest with a sleek new look Express yourself with Stickers, GIFs and Emojis Use custom stickers to show your creative side Send and receive photos, and videos There's no limit to the of files you want to share Unlimited free video, and phone calls Host meetings and screen-share with robust video conference and calling features You're going to want to stay seated for this.

QListWidget userlist: This defines the background colour for the userlist on the right. Both lists are sorted by of clients currently in the channels.

Public channels can be added by name, but private channels must be referred to by channel ID. Please read the instructions at the bottom of the box, before using it. Channel context menu This menu pops up when you right-click a channel button.

Make a Room! Set to 'false', the client does not make sound. Your download should automatically start, if it doesn't click to restart.

F-Chat Desktop Client

More options! Disconnect WIP : This, oddly enough, does nothing, at the moment.

Menus This menu is at the top left of the window. To add channels, add three pipe symbols followed by the name of the channel to the line. How do I change the font size?

Settings: Displays a box with the channel description, including the option to edit it, if you are the owner or a chanop. Download the latest version of the client from the installation forum. Click the installer to finish. If a channel name has spaces in it, place double cliet around the full list of channels.

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Help: Displays a multi-tabbed box with info on commands, colours, BBcode, and info about the client. This means it will make sounds even if the tab is the one you're looking at. Config Files In the event that you break any of the config files, the current default contents of those files is included below, so you can revert to the original settings.

The chat buffer is above the text input field, in the centre, and the user list for the active channel is shown on the right. Quick Profile: Pops up a box with character info the profile 'Info' tab and a second tab listing custom kinks. Unpack the compressed zip or rar file to a folder on your computer. Private Message: Opens a PM with this character. Ignore: Adds this character to your ignore list.

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