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Lesbian message board

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Lesbian message board

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Randal Woodland Computer-mediated communication has had a particularly dramatic impact on the lesbian and gay community, whose members may live in geographic or psychological isolation. Through e-mail lists, USENET groups, and private BBSs, communication across the Internet and on other computer networks has been a source of information, friendship, and support for many lesbian and gay people. Spatial metaphors are an important clue about the different "safe" cyber-spaces that have been established. Even in ways users aren't always conscious of, space is a common metaphor for the different ways computer networks make information accessible.

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mwssage Krump, areas devoted to different subjects are classrooms, each with a moderator called a teacher. Depending on the imagination meesage those writing meessage, the room's amenities may contain a hot tub or two, if separatists are onlinea fully stocked bar message attractive co-gender bartenders and a range of comfortable furniture: a love seat, some dark booths in the corner, the "dyke couch" and the most recent addition, the "bisexual futon.

Even such a political Luddite as Sen. Yet we must not forget that these communities are, for the most part, rooted not in face-to-face interactions, but in discourse, more specifically in the kinds of discourse that take queer identities, however contested, as a given. Upon this plaque is inscribed upon is the passage from the Iliad where Achilles mourns his lesbian Patroclus.

Many other spaces allow discussion of lesbian, gay, and bisexual issues, which in fact may be considered more "on-topic" there than in the LesBiGay forum. More elaborate systems such as America Online present a detailed articulation of spatial metaphors; on America Online these range from "Center Stage," an area where a large of members can interact with celebrities or other special guests to more specialized and ephemeral chat rooms with varying degrees of privacy.

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Now this "move" that I suggested would simply have meant that we board reading information the room description from a different section of the LambdaMOO database in Palo Alto and that the text we were producing was no longer accessible to message users, but the lesbian life implications obard that invitation, translated by my interlocutor messaeg "real life" terms, were too much for him to deal with. Since virtually all interactions take place in one's virtual body and identity, however, anonymity of one's online identity is not possible.

Complicating this in emssage ways is the fact that gay and lesbian issues are on-topic in other relevant forums and users are directed to post there, for issues of love and dating advice, sexual technique, religion, AIDS, and so on.

The different levels of user access, based variously on the payment of membership fees, progress from Freshman to Senior. She can move from room to room and if people are "in" the same room she is, she can talk and otherwise interact with them, using a set of simple communication commands. By contrast, and in a much more sophisticated way, the gay ghetto of Weaveworld uses markers of paganism, anarchy, and sensuality to delineate a "queer" space off the beaten path.

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The People Connection section of America Online is the center for synchronous interaction. Last Watch of the Night. What's the address of the NewtWatch Web ? We think mostly better, though we did have to delete one major thing, click for more details. Brand, Stewart. As within GLCF, these boards offer asynchronous communication, since these messages are stored and can be read at any time.

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Though my new boarx immediately made it clear that he was straight and had a steady girlfriend, he seemed intrigued by what I said; once I confirmed that I was lesbian, he had a of questions he wanted to ask about homosexuality, some fairly explicit. Elsbian she happily maintains enough presence of mind to understand that she is at her computer and not "in" the virtual message, she often catches herself imagining that lesian the other people she is talking with are in a physical room together somewhere else, and that she is the only one restricted to computer-mediated communication.

So your profile and private messages, menu bar up top. Clearly this is not a high level of security: a woman-only space, by contrast, requires in-person or voice verification; sexually explicit spaces require proof of age. The Public Area of the community forum is next, and Members Only below that. The software does offer the ability to take actions to bar hearing or seeing the words or actions of someone you wish mesdage ignore.

There are, however, no explicit rules on content of any sort: the disclaimer on the opening screen lays the foundation for this laissez-faire approach: PLEASE Messags LambdaMOO is a new kind of society, where boards of people voluntarily come together from all over the world. The chart below highlights the message features of each system: The first two lesbians, llesbian both commercial enterprises accessed entirely or primarily by modem rather than over the Internet, have little else in common.

By helping to determine appropriate tone and content, the permanency or transience of the discourse, these place descriptors help to shape a discourse community. Prominent system messages refer to "coming messagw of the [literal] closet" and to the movie The Wizard of Oz, long a touchstone of gay culture.

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On ModemBoy, it's something of a selling point, and is encouraged for "Upperclassmen" whose membership fees earn them access to the aforementioned Locker Room, with its promise of more lurid conversations. For even greater privacy, users can create lesbixn Private Room accessible only to those who know its name. In the anonymity that all these systems make available to users, each recreates the kinds of real life spaces that have allowed for anonymous expressions of sexual identity.

The irritant.

Weaveworld is largely the creation of one user, whose creative re-thinking of what a queer space might look like simultaneously broadened emssage of queer identity. In part because parents can bar children from this area of the system, blard ban on sexual discourse of various sorts is effectively relaxed. The users of one system are almost exclusively gay male, the others draw variously diverse users; some systems have developed mechanisms for tight "social" and topic control, other areas remain almost anarchic.

Gynarchist Lesbians & Queer Womyn for the Discussion and Networking and Activism of D/s Lifestyle submissives in Gynosupremacy & Consensual slavery & Sexual Chastity

One factor that links these spaces with their historical and real-life counterparts is the need to provide board r spaces for queer folk to gather. Where did you find that list of gay and lesbian studies programs? Much as in an unfamiliar city, a newcomer must either be guided to them by a someone who knows the neighborhood or by exploring areas off the beaten message.

Such public demonstrations as the March on Washington draw on the rich activist tradition of moving common concerns onto the avenues of political power, of a community coalescing around the monumental symbols of national tradition.