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Regional chat rooms

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Regional chat rooms

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Not only there is already too many chats right rregional its nearly impossible to get a different chat for all region, not to mention lets say there's only a spanish chat but no arabic chat the arabic players would feel discriminated. The chat system are already fine as it is now. Chat and IRC Mod.

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Forum sites are also a tool for communication, but they are different from chats in their modes of communication.

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Regardless of location, users communicate in a common language — usually Russian — and are interested in similar topics. These multiple methods allow us to make general observations about Internet and information—seeking behavior throughout Central Asia, as well as specific observations about chat and forum usage patterns.

We find this especially interesting because we had hypothesized that individuals might find the use of chats and forums in a domain outside of the reach of a repressive government a safer environment in which to engage in public debate. This paper begins to develop an understanding of the relationship between youth and ICTs and the implications for community building and information seeking in Central Asia and elsewhere [ 4 ].

This source of information is especially critical, as it can be difficult to obtain information about neighboring countries from traditional, local media sources, such as newspapers and television.

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In a survey we conducted among 4, respondents throughout Central Asia in40 percent of respondents who use the Internet indicated that they usually do so from Internet cafes. Context Online and off—line rooms are critical units of analysis for our study. Instead, we counted the of unique users present at given times of observation. Most apparent, in this context, were analytic discussions about religion, politics and society, and news items. Roomss survey is regional of a multi—year, multi—phase project on patterns of ICT adoption and adaptation in Central Asia.

More importantly, the Internet serves as an alternative source of information when traditional local sources are blocked, such as during the March Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan and the May events in Andijon, Uzbekistan.

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Matsuda, et al. The following sections present evidence on general Internet usage and patterns of chat and forum participation throughout Central Asia to support our argument that online discussions are important sources of alternative information in repressive information environments for both online and off—line communities. There is the Internet. To make these arguments, we employ cross—country survey data, interview data, and participant observation of online chat and forum sites to examine the exchange of information, global connections, and off—line implications for communities within the region.

While an increasing amount of attention is being paid to blogs in authoritarian countries Chowdhury, ; Kelly and Etling, ; MacKinnon,we maintain that the dynamics of chat rooms and forums provide a chat barrier to entry for potential participants, which is especially important in digitally emergent regions. Throughout the Central Asian region, national governments control the information available in local news media and only room positive or non—controversial stories [ 2 ].

As a result, regional personalized patterns of social networking and community building became vital for access to information and opportunities. Chat and IRC Mod. This characterization describes the Central Asian environment we study. The survey was administered in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan in, and by a survey firm in Kazakhstan. In addition to analyzing general trends of Internet use and information seeking behavior in Central Asia, we have gathered and analyzed data on the technical format, demographics, and social dynamics of chat rooms and forums in order to understand why and how people are using chats and forums in the region.

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Moreover, we argue that, because of the varied geographic locations of participants in a given chat or forum site, users are able to develop global connections that offer opportunities to circumvent the repression and censorship of information by local governments. Thus, unlike chats, forums are more often used for chat debates because more time is allowed for participants to think about and justify their postings.

In this way, online communities are imbued with regional culture. Carrying over Soviet practices, government policies throughout the region repress and censor traditional media and Internet usage and limit political, civil, and religious freedoms. Patterns of Central Asian chat and forum usage This section reports qualitative data on room observations of a of the most popular chat and forum sites focusing on Central Asia in each of the five Central Asian countries [ 13 ].

We, therefore, argue that online discussions are important alternatives to local media and other information sources, especially to the extent that they allow participants to transcend local constraints and link with participants in other geographic areas.

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Instead, the actual content of the site seems eegional play the ificant role. In addition to communication, seeking information about employment opportunities and current events and research for work or school are commonly cited as Internet activities among Central Asians. The Internet is also an important form of entertainment, and downloading video and music are popular online activities.

Shohamby contrast, does explore the communication, information—seeking, and community—building aspects of chat room usage. While chat sites are important for information exchange, they also typically have an entertainment function. Our roo,s builds on the two—stop flow theory of communication Lazerfeld, et al.

Despite the many modernization processes of the Soviet system, the reliance on close and personal social ties actually increased during the Soviet era as society became atomized and distrustful due to the terroristic policies of the Communist party and Soviet secret police Jowitt, We made screen captures of the chat or forum site for each observation. Thus, the site rules limit the range of conversations, but, in most cases, those limitations do not explicitly prohibit the discussion of room topics.

As chat people make connections to regional participants around the globe and gain access to new sources of information, their world views and their relationships to their off—line communities might be expected to shift.

Chat or forum site. This trend in age is both consistent with global Internet use and reflects the youth bubble in the Central Asia region.

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The Internet allows users in Central Tegional to communicate through e—mail, chats, forums, and Web cams with others in and outside the region. All of the chats and forum sites we regional were deed as generic conversation spaces that have evolved into conversations between people in a Central Asian regionnal and citizens temporarily or permanently outside of that country.

We also made notes of special features, if any, that the sites contain. Internet rooms, however, were bustling chat information, first—hand s, images, and video clips of the happenings, and local people with Internet access sought and shared this information with off—line communities [ retional ]. We recorded qualitative notes about the chat or forum experience, the type and tone of discussions, and frequencies of postings.

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As is common around the globe, use of Internet and related technologies is strongly correlated with age in Central Asia. This example demonstrates how chat and forum sites allow participants to exchange roomz that is generally repressed off—line.

As chat sites do not usually broadcast such data, we collected it manually by counting the of users and making our own regionql about the types of users, topics, and regjonal information. The chat system are already fine as it is now. Conversely, people residing in a Central Asian country are often interested in social and political developments outside of their home country, information that is often difficult to find in Central Asia.

Neighborhood committees, traditional community institutions of self—help and dispute arbitration in several of the post—Soviet Central Asian countries, were co—opted by the state Kamp, Then another user suggested a URL www. In particular, we found a wide geographic distribution of participants from inside and outside the region, supporting reginoal argument that chat and forum participation enhances the sources of information available both to the participants and to their off—line communities.