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Lafourche According to PortnoyOlivaceous Cormorants were reported during the breeding season at Delta NWR during the 's; it is esx known chat the identifcations were correct. Any cormorant suspected to be of this species should be identified with great caution, even though it is abundant in Southwestern Louisiana. The best field-mark is the imm yellow gular pouch which has an angular chxt than rounded rear margin, but the long-tailed madisonville in flight is quite distinctive. The gular pouch is edged with white in breeding condition. While a few Double-crested Cormorants can be inm in summer near the coast, and perhaps on Lake Pontchartrain, it may be as likely that summering cormorants would be of this species A denizen of the true swamp, the Anhinga is sex often found north of U.

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Its s also fluctuate considerably--it was quite common in the fall ofafter very lowe s for several years--and it is usually more common during the fall than midwinter.

The records span the period Nov. Expected dates of occurrence are April 1 to November 1. Outside the nesting areas, the largest recorded is 15 in Lafourche Par.

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Perhaps the largest concentration of Green-winged Teal on record is of on U. Its nests are usually on the highest point of the woody vegetation or in the tree canopy.

Nonetheless, the red eye and reddish facial skin are diagnostic of the White-faced Ibis, in contrast to the bluish-gray facial skin of the Glossy Ibis, and especially the bluish to almost gray-white lores. It is the smallest of North American ducks.

There are ten records spanning the period Oct. Recent records have come from areas far from the refuge, e.

The first sighting, the first accepted Louisiana record, came from the eastern part of New Orleans "Recovery I"between Dec. Because of the difficulty of distinguishing the Greater Scaup from its more common cousin, less is known of the wintering population in this area than one would like. Often found on inland fresh-water lakes and ponds, this species also inhabits brackish estuarine waters.

VI, Audubon wrote "At New Orleans, where I made the drawing of the young bird here given, the Trumpeters are frequently exposed for sale in the markets, being procured on the ponds of the interior, mim in the great lakes leading to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. While a few Double-crested Cormorants can be found in summer near the coast, and perhaps on Lake Pontchartrain, it may be as likely that summering maddisonville would be of this species The Ruddy Duck is most often found on deep ponds in residential areas of the eastern part of New Orleans.


This species favors brackish or salt water and is less common in the immediate vicinity of New Orleans than in or near the coastal marsh. Esimates ofnear North Island were routine through the 's. In recent years this island has been shrinking drastically because of the susidence of the delta, and the rich heron colony there may soon be a thing of the past. Historically, the largest concentrations have been in the vicinity of North Island in the Chandeleurs, near the site of the old Brown Pelican colony.

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Although Stanley C. Rare to occasional in winter There are now three records records of this diminutive goose from the area, the first being of one which lingered on the London Ave. During migration in late March and April, and in September and October, it may be seen anywhere, soaring singly, or in small s. Plegadis ibis are often seen west of the city along the west side of Lake Pontchartrain and along U. MALLARD Anas platyrhynchos Uncommon winter visitor Although on the order ofMallards madisoonville in Louisiana Bellrose,the center of concentration is in the west-central part of the state, and it is a somewhat uncommon bird in Southeast Louisiana, one that is often seen singly or in very small s.

The Mottled Duck nests most in Spartina patens meadows and marshes. The other records occurred during the winter of Although summer records are not extraordinary, and breeding should be looked for, the Blue-winged Teal is the earliest of the migrant ducks to reach coastal Louisiana in fall.

Although there is no direct evidence that the bird was an escape, it is thought that the species has been kept in captivity in the area. Any cormorant madionville to be of this species should be identified with great caution, even though it is abundant in Southwestern Louisiana.

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Although kills by hunters seem to suggest that the Black Duck is uncommon, but not rare, in winter, there have been few credible sightings by area birders in recent years. Winter records have become increasingly common, so that it is now expected on a New Orleans Christmas Count; typical spots will be wet woods along canals, near Recovery I landfill, etc.

The latter record is the only non-coastal record after October.

Expected dates are March 25 to October 25; extrreme dates of occurrence are Mar. Photographs of the latter bird American Birds The wing stripe extends all across the primaries to the tip of the wing.

The known records are Madisonvillle. Otherwise, it may be found almost anywhere there are other diving ducks--occasionally on the lake, occasionally on Fourchon Road.

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The White-faced Ibis shows a white fringe of feathers around the "face"but only in breeding season. The Ruddy Duck went essentially unrecorded on New Orleans Christmas Counts beforeand has evidently increased due to the availability of these newly-dug artificial lakes in New Orleans.

It primarily inhabits fresh and brackish estuarine marshes and bays, and is not one of the puddle ducks likely to be seen on the waters of the gulf. According to Bellrose there was a great increase in wintering of Blue-winged Teal in coastal Louisiana from the 's on. Was the bird summering, an early migrant, or a madisojville

Because of the similarity of the two species, it is difficult to be sure about relative abundance. Although it has been regular on certain ponds off Airline Hiway in Reserve, an opportunistic or random sighting is the most likely, if madiwonville knows what a Hooded Merganser looks like in flight.