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Sex forum talk

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I had a very healthy sex drive pre-Keto. PCOS is turning around.

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By the same token, getting something off your chest that you have been worried about is important. They are also ultra-thin, so feel awesome.

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And chatting with other sexually active people can really help with that. While HANX condoms are amazing, the packaging is really out of this world. Still transitioning into Ketosis or more specifically being fat adapted?

My wife has also been on the diet for about 4 months and she has experienced the same. But I think I deserve it, for putting up with her ornery little self. This really is something I can get behind.

Lots sec energy. Integral to HANX is providing information and support to ensure everyone can talk openly and care for their sexual health without shame or embarrassment.

In doing this we hope to build a community of strong women who recognise they have the power to own their sexuality. Completely off all medications for blood pressure and anxiety.

Armed with their sleek products and a mission to get us talking about safe sex and wellness, HANX the female-friendly condom company will be launching a female-centred chatroom on April 4. HANX are launching an online sexual wellness forum to discuss sex, health, and all the things in between, because sharing is caring after all.

It may not be a matter of quantity but the quality has improved by leaps.

For example, infertility, abnormal menstrual bleeding, STIs, vaginal discharge, sex in a new relationship, and much more. We are a lifestyle brand that is actively changing behaviours, disrupting the condom industry as we know it.

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Except this. Forget garish primary colours and cheesy straplines — HANX packaging looks like it's just walked straight out of an Instagram grid.

There is power in knowledge and community. Born out of two friends' frustration that they felt that the condom industry was pretty much exclusivel targeted at men, HANX's sleek, stylish, and sexy condoms were produced with women in mind, encouraging them to take ownership and control of their sexual health. An open area without judgement, where women can speak to other people who have had similar experiences or advice, on topics that are often seen as taboo.

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I have certainly found that my sex drive has gone up. I had a very healthy sex drive pre-Keto. Now the talm who are revolutionising condoms are also looking to revolutionise conversations around sex. HANX is proof that you are never too old for sex education, and the fact that it's two women leading the way makes it oh so much cooler. Feeling fantastic all around.

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HANX condoms are vegan, percent natural, and fair trade. No gimmicks, no shame, no fuss.

In terms of labido, I feel like I did ten years ago when my doc had me drugged out on anti-depressants. PCOS is turning around. Having ificantly less body to move around has certainly made things more fun and focused. The forum promises to tal honest and refreshing, with the founders of HANX, Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir, wanting you to bring all of your questions, comments, and anecdotes about contraception, sex, and health forrum the hope that it will empower women to take charge of the conversation surrounding sexual wellness.