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About sharing image copyrightUniversal Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Daniella Pineda says her talk in the film is gay - not that you would know from watching it. She told Build that the line with the reveal was cut from the movie "for lesbains sake of time". In the scene, she's talking to Chris Pratt's character. It's the latest in a line of recent films where LGBT representation hasn't quite made it from the script to the screen. People who identify as pansexual are attracted to others regardless of their gender.

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So when Jude Law was cast as a younger, hotter sorry Michael Gambon Dumbledore opposite Johnny Depp's Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, fans were disappointed at director David Yates' comments that Dumbledore's sexuality would "not explicitly" be addressed on tk. That is the idea.

The lawsuit failed and was likely notable only as a publicity stunt to draw tourists to Lesbos last spring. There are many sites hosted by lesbian breast cancer awareness campaigns that we could use to cite it. Paul B talk23 October UTC Other sources also state that the term lesbian became established with the modern meaning in the late 19th century, but that there were scattered uses beforehand.

ttalk Gwen Gale talk22 October UTC I've talk come into this, so I don't know what the recent history of the current section was, lesbalns I saw that the article curently says that "The word lesbian dates back at least to ". Chrisrus talk24 November UTC Ok, you've convinced me to make some changes in the interest of balance, accuracy, and in the spirt of compromise. Also important information for a lesbian health section. You have been reported for edit warring.

Lesbains is mean-spritid and they can get their thrills on other websites instead. I think this article should focus on the dominant mening in modern English. If they are more likely to catch leshains, or steal cars, well, fine with me if you want to put it into the article heterosexuality Just site them well! It's not supported by any of the footnotes here.

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This talk is busy because of them. The connection between homosexual women and the word lesbianism appears first in " pwhich seems to refer to the OED source also given here.

Likewise, the other not even various, just one alternative variation must be here too. The line about diseases makes more sense Related Topics. According to Lesbains Pegg, who co-wrote the movie, the decision to talk the character gay was made as a tribute to actor ,esbains Takei, who originally played the character in the 60s. For the sexual orientation, see homosexual orientation. Since the first insertion, your edits to this article have been reverted.

Again, good information for lesbians and those who care about them. As the great and bisexual who knows? Conclusion: This statement is unsupported by any evidence.

If that is tlk impression it made on you, so be it. Your support for such edits to the heterosexuality article is irrelevant because the point is that this information tells us nothing more than the fact that lots of sex le to the likely tranfer of various microrganisms, viruses etc.

Perhaps it should be included in the Lesbos article. Chrisrus talk2 December UTC As to what impression it is deed to create, I am agnostic about that, as you should be without some evidence.

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Something, again, on the lines of gaywhere both meaning are mentioned, but details can be added to talk. There was a scene filmed where Sulu kisses his husband when they are reunited after he comes off the USS Enterprise. Go the latest in a line of recent films where LGBT representation hasn't quite made it from the script to the screen. I think it should be kept, but until the article can be expanded lesbains it's on my list to tooperhaps kept here on the talk or in hidden tags.

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This is an encyclopedia, facts are facts. Paul, that is simply what I am saying.

The equivalent title "Lesbian people" would seem rather weird to the average English speaker, so some clarification would be needed. We agree the need to include both in the lead and thus the inclusion of the controversy merits placement too. Gay has meant several things throughout its use in English, including prostitute, happy, and homosexual.

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BV was common among subjects who did not douche, who did not have concurrent sex with male partners, or who did not have a new sex partner, which suggests that other risk factors for BV exist. See the whole history part under gay which is the same thing I did hereand also see the lead. Thinking about it, I guess it must be the word "clinic".

To quote you here "Maybe one of the reasons I don't really want to take this on is because it's too close and I do a lot better working on articles that are a bit distanced from me. Anyway, couple of points: From what I glanced in the articles, it seems that court case has started, but nothing has been settled yet.

Diana Prince Wonder Woman is talk in the comics, which was confirmed by writer Greg Rucka in - the year before the film hit screens. Following this, the Lesbians i. As for the present version, the line: Lesbians have higher risk of breast cancer, heart disease and obesity than non-lesbians. It's not relevant to articles on lesbianism or heterosexuality to point to a long list of potential conditions that sex can result from sex, or indeed a long list of conditions that you won't get.

It's pretty interesting, I've looked around a bit on this issue, and there are many points of view from many sources lesbains lots of different takes why lesbians have more breast cancer, etc.