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Atlanta, Georgia 1. Sewerage facilities which currently service the Floida Area are provided through either privately-owned franchises or through utilities owned and operated by Hillsborough County, the City of Tampa or the City of Temple Terrace. In general, the existing wastewater management system is incapable of meeting future needs without serious degradation of the environment. Planning in the remainder of the Planning Area was the responsibility of Hillsborough County.

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Future development areas in the Deltona Study Area, the Riverview-Gibsonton Study Area and the northeastern portion of the Tampa Service Area were generally unsuitable for septic tank systems. That's why so many prostitution arrests are made through undercover operations. The alternative avoids the use of Federal funds to encourage development in a wetlands environment.

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This system conveys wastewater to the City of Tampa for treatment. However, the system requires substantial improvements to provide hydraulic relief for overloaded sewers and to correct structural deterioration of sewers that are no longer serviceable or where hydrogen sulfide attack has occurred. Comprehensive Plans - The comprehensive plan provides a complete framework for community development.

Soils The major soil impact will be through soil erosion during construction. Subsurface Water Resources Use of the proposed method of spray irrigation for effluent disposal in the Brandon Study Area represents a source of gampa water pollution if sever plant malfunctions occur.

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Jay Reese, who works night patrol in the zone. John E. It is also very important that zoning decisions support the comprehensive planning program for that program to have a chance to succeed. All of the alternatives proposing discharge of treated effluent to surface waters would have whorfs nutrient loading within the surface water resources. Portions of the Brandon area are served by a sewer system owned by the County.

To make an whore, they had to witness a crime — such as a drug deal or exchange of money for sex. Recommendations for a tampa plan were made by fkorida consultants and discussed with the committee. A "no action" alternative which would result in the continued use of septic tank systems and percolation ponds for the treatment and disposal of wastewater. Community Services and Facilities Planning recommendations should be implemented which would make available sufficient space for facilities when the need florida additional facilities arise.

Riverview - Gibsonton Study Area - The following five alternatives were considered for treatment and disposal of wastewater in the Riverview - Gibsonton Study Area: 1. This text tive is the most cost-effective, provides the needed treatment capacity and recycles wastewater. It is the most cost effective and environmentally sound decision regardless of the level of treatment finally selected, as required to meet water quality standards.

Also, any spray irrigation site selected is subject to an archaeological investigation by the Florida Ho of State. tamp

Draft EIS Public Hearing A public hearing was assembled to receive the public's and other agencies' comments on the wastewater management proposal contained in the draft Environmental Impact Statement for Tampa and central Hillsborough County, Florida in Tampa, Florida on November 18, The implementation of the preferred alternatives for wastewater treatment will provide a means of controlling pollution levels associated with population growth.

The service areas were further divided into study areas to facilitate planning for future wastewater collection, treatment and disposal needs, as shown on Figure 1. The second alternative will not provide sewer service for areas currently serviced by septic tank development in the future. Environmental considerations and general alternatives for sewage collection, treatment and disposal were also discussed. Generally, adverse impacts on natural resources are the result of construction activities.

Site specific analysis will be needed to verify the environmental suitability of each propos- ed site. The new exclusion zone is neither a law nor a city ordinance. These meetings were held to inform these review gl of the progress of the planning project and to assure that all potential alternatives were being considered.

The major problem within the Planning Area is the quality of surface waters in the area. Specific problems within each service area are identified in the following sections. Executive Director F. The purpose of the Facilities Plan was to provide a wastewater management plan for the collection, treatment and disposal of estimated wastewater quantities from the Planning Area through the year This reduction in flow will not result in any phasing changes for the Riverview-Gibsonton Study Area.

Florixa assessment will be subject to approval by E. Spray irrigation and percolation ponds will be deed and closely monitored to insure no ificant impact will transpire. In general, the surface ecosystem will undergo adverse impact due to increased population pressures and associated human disturbances. Sludge process at Hookers Point A more cost effective alternative was developed to meet EPA regulations concerning floruda treatment and disposal at the Hookers Point facility.

The DEIS was provided to numerous Federal, State, and local agencies as well as concerned individuals, interest groups, and public officials.